How heavy is your mental load?


Join us now.

Do you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Wash the dishes. Pack the lunches. Worry about the baby eating the house plants. Schedule the dentist appointment. Trim the fingernails. Buy the birthday gifts. Exercise? Pay the plumber. Make the muffins. Schedule the babysitter. Feel guilty about too many PB&J sandwiches. Plan the vacation. Go on vacation. Desperately need a vacation from the vacation. 


If you are committed to improving your self-care, but you aren't sure where to start...THIS IS IT.  

This program will give you tools and knowledge to go from:  

  • feeling overwhelmed, to feeling calm
  • feeling self-doubt, to feeling confident
  • feeling like a "nag," to feeling like an intentional communicator
  • feeling irritable, to feeling grateful  

I want you to have the courage and leadership to prioritize what’s most important to your family and OVERCOME the overwhelm. It's possible. If you complete the 4-step program and you aren’t feeling lighter, I will happily give you the money back so you can invest it elsewhere.  


The Mental Unload™ can transform your mindset. In family life we have the best of intentions. Yet somehow we end up overwhelmed, overanalyzing, and overcomplicating life with children. The mental load of parenthood is a real thing, but you can absolutely lighten your load. If you give me seven days I will teach you how.  


As a wife & mother of two young children, I get it - I've experienced all the feels: overwhelm, resentment, anxiety, irritability, stress, etc. This program content will be delivered over the course of 7 days, but the private community and I will be available for 30 days as you move through the process at your own pace. 




  • Video Lessons to Teach the 4-Step Plan Delivered Over 7 Days
  • Two Live Group Coaching Sessions with Denaye (value $198)
  • 30-Day Private Community Group for Members-Only (Facebook not necessary)
  • Group Accountability + Discussion


(here's the quick and dirty, get the full overview below)

Actual words from fans of Denaye's programs...

"Just an enormous THANK YOU. Thanks for taking time to respond to my posts and for just being so honest and transparent about your journey. I feel a bit teary writing this because I feel like your work really lifted me out of a dark place. I love how clean your thinking is and how much research you put into things and how confident you are about owning your choices."

"Denaye, I feel very thankful for this course! These are very SIMPLE strategies that are effective and gentle. I'm struggling with how to explain the power of the course is- because I feel like every point is so simple and so doable and takes us all back to the parents we always wanted to be. You've laid out in the course in a way that is thoughtful and effective. I can tell you that I have had so much success and it feels great!! Before this course, I did not feel like I had an out of control family. But I did long for simplicity and I did feel "naggy". Thank so much for the course!"  

"Honestly I feel like this course was the EXACT lifeline I needed. I am so grateful for you and for the community you created here. I felt like I was drowning in my own perfectionism and all the expectations I had on myself that I was no longer meeting my own needs or my family's needs. I think the thing I loved the most is feeling like I was not alone in it. Like if someone made a a course about it and so many people are signed up there was a part of me that felt 'normal' and not totally crazy which was the story I was starting to tell myself. A few weeks later I am going to say things look and feel very differently around our house, my child seems happier, I feel WAY more relaxed in my marriage and I feel happier and lighter ... but the biggest gift is that it feels really genuine and authentic."  

"This program was wonderful. I got much more from it than I expected. This program helped me have deeper layers of healing. I also lost 7 lbs without changing anything in my lifestyle except my thoughts, words, worry and mental load! No surprise as the body and mind are so interconnected! What a blessing to have been apart of the amazing group! I will be able to use these tools for a long time. Thank you Denaye!"  

Are you ready to lighten the mental load?

The 7-day program launches again in November.



About Denaye Barahona Ph.D.

Hi friends. As a Mama of two young children, I am in the trenches with you. I also know that it can be hard to change habits and learn new ways on your own, so I'd love to partner with you as lighten the mental load of parenthood.

Whether it be from my on the job training as a mother or my professional experience, I have learned that as parents–we so desperately want to get everything right.

I have a personal and professional passion for helping women thrive in motherhood. My Ph.D. is in Child Development with a focus in Family Wellness. I am also a Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in Child and Family Practice. I followed that up with a Post-Grad certificate studying the behavior of children. I have spent much of my career supporting parents, along with teaching Family Wellness coursework at the university level. 

I have designed this program to be simple and actionable--no fluff. I look forward to getting to know you!

Here's what I'll be teaching...

In this program, I am going to take you step-by-step through the process of lightening your mental load. I'll spend seven days teaching you how, and after that the community and I will be there to support you through the following three weeks as you make your transformation. 


STEP ONE. Unpack the Mental Load

  • The mental load is invisible. Often we have a generalized feeling of overwhelm that makes it difficult for others to understand and provide support. When we make it visible we can gain support and reduce the weight of parenthood. We all have natural tendencies of dealing with stress and overwhelm—we are going to identify yours. 

STEP TWO. Understand the Mental Load

  • Sometimes our brains feel like mush. Once we have unpacked the mental load, we will start to make sense of it. We will look more closely at how your brain is spending its time. Is your mental load filled with worry? Planning? Tasks? This step will break it down and help you understand it. The first step in making change is building awareness. 

STEP THREE. Reduce the Mental Load

  • Once we have a better understanding of our mental load, we can begin to identify practical ways to reduce it. We will surprise ourselves by easily eliminating many worries and prioritizing the tasks that truly matter the most. In this step, we will dive deeper into the relationship we have with our spouses/partners and how we can improve our commmunication and mutual support. 

STEP FOUR. Maintain a Simplified Mental Load

  • Once we have identified what weighs us down, we will start to seek out what lifts us back up. We will also talk about managing the mental load moving forward--how to identify the weight before it gets too heavy and how this process can be applied again in the future.  


When does the course start and finish? 

Enrollment opens on July 17th and the program begins on July 25th. The core program content will be delivered over the first week (July 25th-August 1st) and live participation is encouraged when possible. The private community group will be open to provide support for 30 days for those who choose to take the content at their own pace. However, the core program material will be available forever--you really decide when you start and when you finish. 

Do I need Facebook to participate?

No, Facebook will not be utilized in this program. 

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like, across any and all devices you own. However, the private community group will only be available for 30 days.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact Denaye ( before August 8th to request a refund. Refunds will not be given due to busyness/lack of time to participate, so please schedule accordingly before you begin the program. Refunds will be given if you decide that the program does not fit your needs or enhance your well-being/mental health.  

Is this program a replacement for mental health therapy?

Absolutely not. Past participants have reported significant gains in their mental well-being. However, this program is not a replacement for mental health therapy or medical interventions. If you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, please seek immediate medical attention. Important Disclaimer: If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges please consult your physician or mental health professional before proceeding. If you have further questions about whether this program is a fit for you, email me directly

Are you ready to lighten the mental load?

The 7-day program launches again in November.