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What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Today I am sharing what I have been reading lately, for better or worse! These are the five books I have been spending my time with recently. [This post contains affiliate links.] Minimalism for Families by Zoe Kim (Non-fiction) This book is a fantastic read for families looking to either dabble or dive into minimalism. […]

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Exactly How I Reduced the Mental Load

the mental load the mental unload

Do you ever wash the sheets? It was the question that started it all. One day while making the bed my husband casually and unassumingly asked me,  “do you ever wash the sheets?”. You see, my husband doesn’t see me wash the sheets. He leaves early in the morning and comes back late at night. […]

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Five Reasons to Get Off the Fast Track

get off the fast track

This summer we moved to the country. I drive my children to school past a scenic reservoir as we count the horses speckled along the rolling hills. It’s so beautiful that I take the long way to get there. Everyday. I take the long way In my former life, the idea of taking the […]

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Three Quick Tips for Simple Cooking

How to minimize organize recipes

When it comes to cooking meals for my family, I like to keep it simple. Last week I wrote about why I gave up trying to cook to impress. Instead, I focus on making simple, healthy, home-cooked food. The food I am cooking in this busy season of life isn’t always gourmet and gorgeous (i.e. […]

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The Reason My Cooking Sucks Right Now

why my cooking sucks

I faintly remember what it was like to cook before having children. In those vague pre-baby memories, I recall actually following recipes. Although I have never really loved cooking, I used to make delicious things. My husband is a foodie and I set the bar high for myself in the early years of marriage. But […]

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How to Choose the Best Toys

Not all toys are created equal. When it comes to choosing toys for my own kids, I choose carefully. I prefer to select open toys. Most importantly, open-ended toys that evoke imagination and creativity. These toys can be used by kids of all ages, interests, and both genders. I want to buy toys that are […]

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Trading My Job for Minimalism

In today’s post, my friend Lilly is sharing her personal journey towards simple living. You can follow her blog, Pancakes and Beet Juice, on Instagram and Facebook. Last month, I walked away from my career without so much as a thought bubble of a new venture or backup plan. I realized that glorifying my career was anything […]

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