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My Not-So-Simple Birth Story + How Breastmilk Saved my Baby

Birth Story + How Breastmilk Saved My Baby

When you are pushing out a baby, breathing is important. When I woke up on the morning of my due date with the worst cold I have ever had, I was scared. I couldn’t breathe.  The thought of making it through another unmedicated labor and delivery in this condition was terrifying. It was the early Spring […]

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What to pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag

As an aspiring minimalist, I like to pack light. But I also make sure that I am well prepared. When I decided what to pack in my hospital bag for labor and delivery, I was equipped with some excellent advice from fellow moms. I found this advice to be invaluable. Today, as I finish packing for baby […]

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For the Love of Skinny Babies

Who doesn’t love a chunky baby? My son was a big baby at birth. He received a lot of praise from family members for being “a big, healthy boy”. But by 3-months, he had dropped into the 5th percentile for weight. Yes, that is single digit “5th”. The pediatrician told me he was perfectly healthy–he […]

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A Simple Birth Plan + Why Every Mom Needs One

simple birth plan

Every expectant mother needs a simple birth plan. Even if the plan is just to “have a healthy baby”. Here’s why. Let me take you down Metaphor Lane. I went to the hair salon recently. I told my stylist that I wanted bangs. A super cute photo of another brunette with bangs inspired me and I […]

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How to Choose a Preschool

When it came time to choose a preschool for our first child, I took it seriously. I have a hard time delegating out important tasks–this includes educating my children. Because as a parent, I believe that I am the first teacher and our home is the first classroom. At least this was the case in the beginning.  Do […]

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Going Gluten-Free for Infertility: Our Story

going gluten free for infertility

A lot of people roll their eyes when I tell them I am gluten-free, assuming I have jumped on some sort of trendy bandwagon. I promise you, being gluten-free was no bandwagon I ever wanted to be aboard. But neither was infertility. I often get asked why I am gluten-free. I respond with a true, […]

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Why our Toddler Doesn’t Drink Milk

Why my toddler doesn't drink milk.

My 19 month old son doesn’t drink milk. I promise it is not my lack of effort or a willfull act of neglect. Weaning off breastmilk and on to a different milk after he turned 1 was something I very clearly overanalyzed. When I took my son in for his 9-month check-up with his pediatrician, in […]

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