Ready for a little peace and calm in your house?

Let's dip our toes into mindfulness.

Join Denaye from Simple Families for a free month of mindfulness. For the month of March, we will be exploring the topic of mindfulness. That means understanding what it means for ourselves, our children, and the overall well-being of our families. 

It begins March 1, but join us anytime in March!

Grab your spot now! It's free.

This month long program will include: 

  • Supportive community and discussion through a month-long special members only Facebook Group.
  • Introduction to mindfulness practices for parents of young children. 
  • Live interactive Q&A sessions with Denaye.

(Facebook will be the primary platform for this program, participants should be users to participate.)

Denaye Barahona, Ph.D. Founder of Simple Families

This month will be led by Dr. Denaye Barahona. Denaye is a loving wife and mama of two. She is a Motherhood Coach who partners with women to tackle the challenges of raising children. Denaye is a minimalist who claims to be a decluttering expert (don't let her near your closet). She loves to travel, talk health-and-wellness, and give unsolicited advice. She is a top contributor for the Today Show Parenting Team. Denaye holds a Ph.D. in Child Development and is a Clinical Social Worker with a specialty in child and family practice.

I'll see you there!