organic gardening 101 the basics of organic gardening

Have you ever dreamt of starting an organic garden? Today on the podcast I am chatting with my friend and homesteader Beth Brettell from High Sierra Permaculture. She’s a former designer turned homesteader, and along with her partner Bret they have created a beautiful and productive garden in Northern California. Beth answers all of my beginner questions + gives us all a quick lesson in Organic Gardening 101.

Be sure to follow Beth and Bret on Instagram to see what life looks like on a homestead and learn more about organic gardening. Want to learn more? Get their free crash course to get started.

In this episode, Beth and I chat about:

  • When to plant.
  • What to plant.
  • Is it better to start with seeds?
  • How to prepare soil.
  • An introduction to composting.
  • How to attract pollinators.
  • +much more



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