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SFP 111: How You Talk to Kids + Why it Matters [with Tracy from Zero to Five]

SFP 110: Raising Successful Kids [with Krista from A Life in Progress]

SFP 109: Make your home child-friendly, rather than child-proof [with Nicole from The Kavanaugh Report]

SFP 108: Moving, Minimalism, and Building a Happy Home

SFP 107: How I Created a Home I Love

SFP 106: Love Where You Live [with Melody Warnick, author of “This is Where You Belong”]

  In today’s episode we are exploring the idea of “putting down roots” and becoming attached to the places that we live. Melody Warnick shares her own personal experience and the research on this concept called place psychology. If you ever spend time linger on Zillow or perusing the “Best Cities to Live” lists, then […]

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SFP 105: The Basics of Organic Gardening [with Beth from High Sierra Permaculture]

how to get started with organic gardening organic gardening 101

Have you ever dreamt of starting an organic garden? Today on the podcast I am chatting with my friend and homesteader Beth Brettell from High Sierra Permaculture. She’s a former designer turned homesteader, and along with her partner Bret they have created a beautiful and productive garden in Northern California. Beth answers all of my […]

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SFP 104: Food Made Simple [with Erin from The Humbled Homemaker]

Erin Odom Humbled Homemaker

As mothers, we often carry the heavy responsibility of feeding our families. Despite what Pinterest leads us to believe, cooking for a family doesn’t have to be fancy. In today’s podcast episode I am chatting with Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker. Erin and I are discussing our favorite methods for simplifying meal planning and […]

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SFP 103: The Minimalist Kitchen [with Melissa from The Faux Martha]

SFP 102: It’s Not About Nutrition [with Dina Rose Ph.D.]