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SFP 116: Raising Naturally Curious Children [with Nicole Roccaro]

raising naturally curious children

Children benefit from the opportunity to play in open-ended, unstructured environments. Today I am talking with Nicole Roccaro from Naturally Curious Children. We talk about finding a balance in play, leaning towards unstructured activities, and following our children’s lead. Nicole’s home and approach are inspired by something called Reggio-Emilia. In this episode, we are discussing […]

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SFP 115: The Benefits of Rowdy Play [with Frances Carlson of Big Body Play]

SFP 114: The Importance of Play

SFP 113: Simplifying Child Behavior | Troubleshooting “Time-Out”

simplifying child behavior

Child behavior is anything but straightforward. My children are well-behaved, but as humans–they have their “moments”. As parents, we can feel powerless when our kids aren’t cooperating or being respectful. Today on the podcast I am explaining how we blend positive parenting methods with some strategies and techniques. One technique in particular that we are […]

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SFP 112: Do we control our kids? [With Hunter from Mindful Mama Mentor]

In today’s episode I am chatting with Hunter Clarke-Fields of Mindful Mama Mentor. Hunter specializes in mindful parenting and in this episode we are talking about control in parenting. As parents, we feel like we should have control over our children. But children have their own agendas and ideas about this. How much control do […]

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SFP 111: How You Talk to Kids + Why it Matters [with Tracy from Zero to Five]

SFP 110: Raising Successful Kids [with Krista from A Life in Progress]