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Ripping the Band-Aid off Clutter

How do you handle laundry?

If you know me, you know I am seriously into decluttering. Not only do I want to have a cleaner home, but I also want to instill a family value into my children. I want to teach my kids to buy intentionally. It goes hand-in-hand with decluttering. I want my kids to be able to […]

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What to Say to Pretty Little Girls

I probably read a few dozen articles online everyday. But each year, only a handful really stop me in my tracks. In 2011, I didn’t even have a baby. I was barely married a year. But I mentally bookmarked an article by Lisa Bloom because even though I didn’t have a daughter, I needed it. In […]

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VLOG | Organizing Baby/Toddler Girl Clothes

Rompers, tunics, leggings, and skirts, oh my. I spent the first 6 months of my daughter’s life struggling to get her clothes organized. But hallelujah, we finally have a system. In this video, I am sharing with you our game-changing solution. Not only is it easier for me to keep straight, but it’s easier for […]

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How to Really Tick off a Toddler

On Saturday morning the toddler was dying to go to Home Depot with his dad. He was so excited. Being new potty-trained, I overheard my husband tell him,“you can’t go with me unless you go potty first”. This made him melt. He ran around in circles screaming toddler-appropriate obscenities about how he was not going […]

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Why my Kid Doesn’t Listen to Me

Last week the toddler dumped his glass of water on the table. As I reached for a cloth to clean it up, he screamed–“look Mama, a lemon!” To which I responded, “Um no, that’s just spilled water”. But he still demanded, “no, it’s a lemon”. I looked again. The puddle of water had formed into […]

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I am out of my comfort zone

Why I need to get out of my comfort zone as a mother

We run a tight ship at our house. That makes us creatures of habit: predictable meal schedules, nap routines, bedtime protocols—overall consistent rules and structure for the kids and adults alike. Kids thrive on structure and predictability. I get that. Actually, I couldn’t agree more. But structure and predictability frequently gives me the itch for […]

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The Bad Behavior I am Ignoring

The babysitter was giving the baby a bottle this week. She set it down on the table. The toddler picked it up and chucked it across the room. Sound familiar? Afterwards, she asked me for advice on how to handle it–she wanted to know what I would have done. My advice? I would have ignored […]

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A Case Against Childproofing

American mother Debra Ollivier gave birth to her first child in Paris. When her baby reached the age of mobility, she shares, “I baby-proofed our apartment with rubber edge liners, covers on electrical sockets, latches on windows, locks on drawers and toilet seat guards… my French neighbor Genevieve took one look at our place and […]

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A System to Limit Screen Time

It had been a very long day. I was potty training a toddler and surviving with an infant taking 45-minute naps. As bedtime grew near, the toddler told me, “Mama, I give you hug.” I welcomed his sweet embrace. He pulled my ear close to his mouth and whispered in his softest 2-year-old voice, “I […]

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