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What to pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag

As an aspiring minimalist, I like to pack light. But I also make sure that I am well prepared. When I decided what to pack in my hospital bag for labor and delivery, I was equipped with some excellent advice from fellow moms. I found this advice to be invaluable. Today, as I finish packing for baby […]

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For the Love of Skinny Babies

Who doesn’t love a chunky baby? My son was a big baby at birth. He received a lot of praise from family members for being “a big, healthy boy”. But by 3-months, he had dropped into the 5th percentile for weight. Yes, that is single digit “5th”. The pediatrician told me he was perfectly healthy–he […]

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A Simple Birth Plan + Why Every Mom Needs One

simple birth plan

Every expectant mother needs a simple birth plan. Even if the plan is just to “have a healthy baby”. Here’s why. Let me take you down Metaphor Lane. I went to the hair salon recently. I told my stylist that I wanted bangs. A super cute photo of another brunette with bangs inspired me and I […]

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How to Choose a Preschool

When it came time to choose a preschool for our first child, I took it seriously. I have a hard time delegating out important tasks–this includes educating my children. Because as a parent, I believe that I am the first teacher and our home is the first classroom. At least this was the case in the beginning.  Do […]

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Going Gluten-Free for Infertility: Our Story

going gluten free for infertility

A lot of people roll their eyes when I tell them I am gluten-free, assuming I have jumped on some sort of trendy bandwagon. I promise you, being gluten-free was no bandwagon I ever wanted to be aboard. But neither was infertility. I often get asked why I am gluten-free. I respond with a true, […]

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Why our Toddler Doesn’t Drink Milk

Why my toddler doesn't drink milk.

My 19 month old son doesn’t drink milk. I promise it is not my lack of effort or a willfull act of neglect. Weaning off breastmilk and on to a different milk after he turned 1 was something I very clearly overanalyzed. When I took my son in for his 9-month check-up with his pediatrician, in […]

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Why I Choose to ‘Lean In’ to Motherhood

This November will mark my second annual performance review. Despite the fact that I plan to shower the boss with gifts and cake—inevitably the outcome will involve some combination of screaming, general unpleasantries, and loving bouts of affection. Thus is the life when you enter your career as a Mother. Motherhood is not a job, […]

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