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The Top 5 Best Podcasts for Kids Under 5

the best podcasts for kids

When it comes to entertainment for my young children, I keep things as low-tech as possible. We limit screen time. Our toys don’t have batteries. We generally try to keep things simple.  Which is why I want to share with you the best podcasts for kids.  While television can be sensory overload, podcasts on the other […]

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Why I Quit Amazon

I quit Amazon. I did it because, frankly, I was buying a lot of stuff. Those boxes kept showing up on my porch. That stuff I needed had a mysterious way of transforming into clutter. The final purchase that pushed me over the edge was an eight-color automatic pencil. This pencil has eight different colors of lead built into […]

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How To Upcycle Your Holiday Cards

Upcycle/Repurpose Your Holiday Cards

This year we are repurposing our holiday cards. I know that sending cards is a serious production–one that demands a great deal of time, energy, and money of our loved ones. After the holiday season passes, I feel sad about throwing the cards away. Even though I stay in touch with distant friends and family through the phone and social media–there […]

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Preschool Fudge

preschool fudge

There is something to be said about making a gift with your own hands. This is particularly true for kids. There is nothing that compares to the sense of the pride they have in making something themselves. Which is why I love this fudge–a preschooler can make it “all by myself”. My son has the best […]

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