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SFP 15: How Will My Kids Benefit from Minimalism?

how will my kids benefit from minimalism

The kids of today need minimalism. In this episode I am sharing with you some of the benefits of minimalism with kids and family. Highlights: What is minimalism? Four benefits for our children. Show Notes/Links Does your Kids Have Shiny Object Syndrome Why Kids Need Fewer Toys Research: Children learn better in simple, clean spaces […]

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SFP 10 : How Do I Get Started With a Small Wardrobe?

SFP 01 : About the Podcast + Host

About the Simple Families Podcast

It’s here! The Simple Families Podcast has officially launched and we are starting episode 1 with a little background on the blog, the format of the podcast, and a little about your host (me!). Have a listen, subscribe, and tell your friends about it. Episode 01: The Highlights About Simple Families About Denaye Stay connected Show […]

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Why I Quit Amazon

I quit Amazon. I did it because, frankly, I was buying a lot of stuff. Those boxes kept showing up on my porch. That stuff I needed had a mysterious way of transforming into clutter. The final purchase that pushed me over the edge was an eight-color automatic pencil. This pencil has eight different colors of lead built into […]

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How To Upcycle Your Holiday Cards

Upcycle/Repurpose Your Holiday Cards

This year we are repurposing our holiday cards. I know that sending cards is a serious production–one that demands a great deal of time, energy, and money of our loved ones. After the holiday season passes, I feel sad about throwing the cards away. Even though I stay in touch with distant friends and family through the phone and social media–there […]

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