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Live Simple

Want to Meet in Person?

We have big changes coming in our family this summer. In June, will be relocating from Dallas, Texas to outside of New York City. I am very proud of my husband as he is taking a new job working in sustainability. We are excited for the change in scenery–but will deeply miss our favorite parts of Texas (i.e. […]

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The Reason Childhood Doesn’t Need Record-Keeping

Since becoming a mother, I have desperately wanted to keep a record. For years I intended to start keeping a journal. It hasn’t happened yet. I hoped to put together those “easy-to-make” photo books to chronicle these precious times with young children. Yet 16,433 photos sit on my computer waiting to be organized and appreciated. Between snuggling babies and soaking […]

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How to Potty Train the Simple Way

simple potty training

Potty training can be anything but simple. It’s a messy yet exciting milestone at the same time. If it’s your first time, you will find that a quick Amazon search for “potty training” turns up 15,623 products. These products range from sticker charts to an Elmo potty, training pants, pull-ups, plenty of cleaning supplies, board books. For […]

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SFP 39: How can I incorporate a simple play space in my living room?

You don’t need a separate play room for your kids–having the toys in the living space has it’s advantages. In today’s episodes, I will discuss what to keep in mind when combining the living space and the playing space. Show Notes/Links: Our Minimalist Play Room (Video Tour) The Toy Detox How to Declutter the Toys

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