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Eat Well

Exactly How I Feed My Kids

how I feed my kids

My kids are great eaters. You might say that I am lucky, but I think it is partly by design. Research shows us that genetics play a small part in setting eating habits. However, by and large a child’s environment has the greatest impact. That means what I do as a mother really matters.  I know this […]

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SFP 07 : What Is the Best Way to Start Solid Food with Babies?

What Is the Best Way to Start Solid Food with Babies?

The first year of feeding solid foods to babies is incredibly important. In this episode, I am giving you tips to get started the best way possible. The Highlights How to introduce tastes How to introduce textures The importance of positive talk Show Notes and Links Getting Started With Baby-Led Weaning Mastering the Dinnertime Hustle […]

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Mastering the Dinnertime Hustle

Master the dinnertime hustle. Get your kids to eat well

Some of the best parents I know struggle with dinnertime. As responsive parents (better known as authoritative parents) we want to let our children express opinions in their daily lives. We also want to listen carefully to their thoughts and give them options. But when it comes to eating, we also want them to eat healthy. So…what […]

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For the Love of Skinny Babies

Who doesn’t love a chunky baby? My son was a big baby at birth. He received a lot of praise from family members for being “a big, healthy boy”. But by 3-months, he had dropped into the 5th percentile for weight. Yes, that is single digit “5th”. The pediatrician told me he was perfectly healthy–he […]

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Going Gluten-Free for Infertility: Our Story

going gluten free for infertility

A lot of people roll their eyes when I tell them I am gluten-free, assuming I have jumped on some sort of trendy bandwagon. I promise you, being gluten-free was no bandwagon I ever wanted to be aboard. But neither was infertility. I often get asked why I am gluten-free. I respond with a true, […]

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